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Imran Ahmad - 40 Algorithms Every Programmer Should Know - Second Edition

40 Algorithms Every Programmer Should Know - Second Edition

Autor: Imran Ahmad

Format: Ebook

Data wydania: 2022-12-30

Stron: 476

Dostawa: 0,00 zł

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Cena: 119.00 zł

Beyond traditional computing, the ability to use algorithms to solve real-world problems is an important skill that any developer or programmer must have. This book will help you not only to develop the skills to select and use an algorithm to tackle problems in the real world by understanding how it works.

You'll start with an introduction to algorithms and discover various algorithm design techniques, before exploring how to implement different types of algorithms, such as searching and sorting, with the help of practical examples. As you advance to a more complex set of algorithms, you'll learn about linear programming, page ranking, and graphs, and even work with machine learning algorithms, understanding the math and logic behind them.

Case studies on weather prediction, tweet clustering, and movie recommendation engines will show you how to apply these algorithms optimally. Then you will focus on deep learning algorithms and will learn about different types of deep learning models along with their practical use.

Finally, you'll become well versed in techniques that enable parallel processing, giving you the ability to use these algorithms for compute-intensive tasks.

By the end of this programming book, you'll have become adept at solving real-world computational problems by using a wide range of algorithms.

Cena: 119.00 zł

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